By Drain Doctor on 18/02/2016

Every February in the UK we splash out nearly £1 billion to tell that special person in our lives that we love them.

However, in the same month Southern Water spends around £100,000 clearing out from the sewers hundreds of tons of non-flushable items including rings, watches, necklaces, teddies, saucy underwear, condoms and flowers.

Southern Water’s Stuart Slark has worked in Brighton sewers for many years. He said: “Me and the other sewer workers often wonder why and how these valuable items, including diamond rings and gold watches, end up in our sewers.

“It is most probably linked to an unfortunate accident but you can’t help but think it could be the result of a Valentine’s Day row!”

Although you wouldn’t traditionally link the sewers to a place of romance, Stuart tells of one not so indecent proposal: “A few years back a guy got down on one knee and proposed to his shocked girlfriend – she said yes.

“This is the first and last time it’s happened. I wouldn’t object to playing cupid again if anyone else fancies popping the question in a less than traditional way. In fact, it’s a leap year this year so maybe an idea for the ladies to consider?”

In total Southern Water removed nearly 9,200 tons of non-flushable items from across the region last year alone.

So, if you love your drains please remember to only flush the three Ps – pee, poo and paper.