By Drain Doctor on 02/02/2016

People often get in in a pickle as to the drains and sewers they are responsible for. So what is yours?

The pipes which are situated within your property boundary, such as those beneath your house, garden and driveway are all yours!  They take away the waste water flow from your property to the point where they connect with the pipework serving another property or the public sewers.

You are likely to be the proud owner of a private sewer as well.  This is any sewer which is not part of the public sewerage network. Generally, the sewer coming from your house is privately owned by you and is your responsibility. Sometimes the whole network of sewers is privately owned – usually in housing estates and older parts of towns and villages. In this case responsibility is shared between the properties joined to each part of the network.

Your local water company is likely to be responsible for the large sewers which normally run under the roads and pavements. 

Finally, your local council are the people to ring if you have blocked highway drains and road gullies which are causing surface water flooding.  Something which has been rather prevalent in a number of places this year!

So, your concerns as home owner are the drainage pipes situated within your property boundary.  If you find your waste water is running slowly through your drains, then call your local Drain Doctor and we can certainly help.