By Drain Doctor on 01/12/2015

Unless you were living in a cave somewhere without a mobile or access to the internet it can’t have escaped your attention that last Friday was Black Friday – the day after Thanksgiving in the US where retailers traditionally slash prices in order to kick-start sales in the lead up to Christmas.

It is also a day when – all across the US of A – plumbing problems come flooding in to the country’s plumbers. Here are just a few:

In Columbus, Ohio plumbers often get called out to remove cell phones, jewellery and kids’ toys from drains or remove blockages caused by people pushing potato peelings, egg shells and rice down their drains.

In Melbourne, Florida, the appropriately named Black family had to call out the plumber after Mrs Black had pushed potato peeling down the drain and broke the waste disposal.

Plumbers were busy in the ‘perfect plumbing storm’ in Eugene Oregon, dealing with cooking related plumbing disasters.

Again in Florida, in Polk County, Black Friday was a ‘sink day for’ plumbers as they get called out to unblock kitchen sinks up and down the country.

And in Houston Texas, it was a busy day for shopping – and for plumbers.

When you’re enjoying your holidays spare a thought for your drains and the plumbers who will inevitably have to fix them if you abuse them. Don’t put kitchen scraps in the sink – bin them.

These are all US stories but as we adopt many customs from across the 'mill pond' (Black Friday is already a ‘thing’ here and it’s only a matter of time before we adopt Thanksgiving too!) remember these salutary tales and don’t throw food down the sink. And remember – it’s the same at Christmas.

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