By Drain Doctor on 27/11/2015

Today is National Gutters Day, a gentle, light hearted reminder for everyone to take 10 minutes to make a simple check on the condition of any property they care for. A little time spent on a basic building ‘MOT’ can save people from having to spend a great deal of money at a later date.

National Gutters Day is part of the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings’ annual National Maintenance Week campaign, which encourages owners of all sorts of buildings (not just ancient ones!) to be aware of the importance of regular care. It's a message that's relevant to home owners and to anyone who cares for a property.

Water damage is the prime concern when it comes to maintenance. November is the time to start trouble-shooting because that’s when drains and gutters could become blocked by autumn leaf fall and debris like twigs, moss and old bird nests. If any of these obstruct the easy flow of water away from a building damp and other serious problems can follow.

It’s relatively easy to check and clear accessible sections of drain and guttering yourself but for high or difficult to reach sections of guttering give Drain Doctor a call on 0800 70 71 72 and we will send out a technician with a SkyVac, a powerful suction tool with CCTV which enables gutters to be cleaned from the ground.