By Drain Doctor on 23/11/2015

Christmas and New Year holidays are often some of the busiest times for Drain Doctor.  The increased number of house guests and the preparation of all the celebratory meals can cause havoc to waste disposal units, toilets and drains!

We have some top tips to help you avoid an emergency call out this holiday season:
•    The obvious one, but still the one that is ignored the most!   In fact, three quarters of all kitchen drain blockages can be blamed on this one.  Don't pour fats or cooking oils down drains. They solidify in pipes.  It is far better to wipe the oils and greases from pots with paper towels and throw these into the bin.
•    Ask your guests not to flush nappy or cleansing wipes, sanitary towels, cotton wool balls or excessive amount of tissue down a toilet. These things do not dissolve and will cause clogs.
•    It can be a good idea to wait 10 minutes between showers, so slow drains have time to do their job and clear.
•    If you have a waste disposal unit avoid putting stringy, starchy or fibrous waste into it.  Turkey bones are a no-no too.  Use your compost bin or rubbish bin instead.
•    If you do use your waste disposal unit, make sure the unit is running when you put food into it and try not to fill it to the brim.

In fact, recently Anglian Water noted a few more things which were not drain friendly!  They have found false teeth, toy action figures, golf balls, mobile phones!  Blockages caused by a hand grenade, a green house and a space hopper were also reported!  

If you do have some minor plumbing problems you are aware of, try and get them dealt with before your guests arrive by calling your local Drain Doctor plumber.