By Drain Doctor on 12/11/2015

This recent news story about the rescue of a cockapoo puppy trapped in a drainage shaft near Newcastle put us in mind of a number of similar rescues affected by Drain Doctor technicians over the years.
Poor Minnie was trapped down a drain after falling into an uncovered drainage shaft while on a walk with her owner. It took three fire engines and specialist rescue equipment to get Minnie safely out of the 20ft shaft.
Gloucester Drain Doctor technician Peter Woodhouse had a similar problem on his hands back in May this year when he was called out to locate Flossie the Yorkshire Terrier that had got stuck down a rabbit hole.
Then there was the Bristol rabbit that had become lodged in a drain pipe during construction work at its owner’s home.
In both cases Drain Doctor was able to deliver the pampered pets back to their owners unharmed and none the worse for their ordeals.
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