By Eloise Evans on 03/01/2017

New Year, new home? Now that 2016 is behind us, it’s time to look to the future and what 2017 will bring. For many, that means new resolutions and goals to hit this year, and what better thing to do than to make your home that little homier?

Drain Doctor are here to help you with anything plumbing and drainage related issues, and we want you to have the best year yet and get your homes’ plumbing up to scratch.

You may have been dreaming of the perfect home for years and just never getting around to it. Why not make 2017 the year where you get that new kitchen or bathroom fitted? These are two rooms in the house that often get neglected the longest, but will also make the biggest difference once they have been changed. With a living room or bedroom, all you need is a new colour on the walls, a few new wall hangings or cushions, maybe some new furniture and it’s like a brand new room. However, to fully change a kitchen or bathroom, you will likely want to change the fixtures within in. For help with refitting any sinks, toilets, showers, you name it, Drain Doctor are here for you! Give your kitchen or bathroom that long awaited revamp in 2017!

Even if this year is not the year you change half your house around, it could be the year of getting those pesky plumbing problems fixed. That persistent blocked drain that keeps coming back, why not get that sorted once and for all with Drain Doctor? We are specialists in unblocking drains and flushing out your pipes so you can go into 2017 with an easier and problem-free plumbing system?

It could also be the year of getting those ‘maybe next year’ tasks completed and ticked off that list. Things, like cleaning your gutters and getting that leaky tap sorted may seem like harmless things that can be put off a little longer, but why wait? These can lead to bigger problems down the line and could be worth getting them looked at now. Let Drain Doctor tick these tasks off your list and give you one less thing to say ‘maybe next year’ to!

No matter what the plumbing or drainage issue, Drain Doctor will be more than happy to get it sorted and will always provide you with world-class service! Get in touch now and make 2017 your year!