By Eloise Evans on 09/11/2016

We see it all too often… someone has a problem with their plumbing or their pipes and think the cheapest option is the best way to go. This is without checking for any qualifications or making sure that the technician is actually skilled enough to do the work properly. This tends to lead to customers throwing money down the drain and paying more than ever. 

So many people are left with botched jobs that, when they go wrong, cost a lot more than the original job did to fix it. This is normally because it means the professional technician must not only fix the problem but redo all of the work that the previously unqualified trader did. 

Sometimes the traders will do quite a good job and it won’t need to be redone, but will overcharge for the actual work done. They can draw people in with a cheap hourly rate which sounds fantastic, but as they take longer than necessary and start creating a list of ‘needed’ parts longer than your arm, it starts to total a lot more than the customer first assumed. Then you left with a bill much higher than what you are expecting, but are intimidated into paying it.

Or, you can simply be left in the lurch by rogue traders who get you to pay up front, do half of the work, and then you never see them again. Then you are forced to pay for the same job twice as you still need it fixed but must call someone else in as you now can’t get a hold of your previous technician.

These situations happen every day as there are so many rogue traders out there. It’s not just plumbing and drainage companies, it could be electricians, builders, car dealerships, letting agents, home interior sellers, window and door sellers and so many others.

These rogue traders are causing damage to homes and pockets across the country and the easiest way to stop them doing this to you is to simply check for identification and qualifications before you let anyone into your home. Some traders use intimidation techniques that, once they are in your home, will make you feel forced to do or buy whatever they tell you to.

Make sure you are also researching companies as much as you can before you even call them. Look for reviews on google and sites like to make sure they aren’t rogue traders. If they look legitimate and you decide to call them out, don’t say yes straight away! You should try and get as many quotes as you can from different companies, and once you have at least three, you can then choose whichever based on their professionalism, qualifications, skills and price.

Luckily for anyone needing a drain unblocked or a new sink installed, you can rely on the technicians at Drain Doctor. With our teams up and down the country holding all relevant qualifications to do a good job, you can count on them to be professional and friendly the whole while. So if you ever need any plumbing or drainage work doing, be sure to give Drain Doctor a call.  



Photo Source: Freepik