By Eloise Evans on 29/09/2016

A hedgehog was rescued from a drain pipe in Hayburn Lane this week. He had fallen into a drain and managed to wedge himself in there, and was luckily spotted by passers-by. 

They phoned the Scottish SPCA and stayed with the hedgehog until they arrived and had rescued the hedgehog. 

Robyn Lewis, animal rescue officer, said: "The members of the public who came across the hedgehog kindly waited with him until I got there. They had tried their best to get him out on their own but were unsuccessful. 

"The hedgehog was roughly the same diameter as the drain hole and was stuck around two feet in the ground. 

"Luckily enough I had rescued a hedgehog that got himself into a similar predicament a few months ago, so I knew the best way to get him out.

"The people who found him lived nearby, so they rushed back to their house to get two metal coat hangers which were bent together to form an 'L' shape whilst I made my way to the area. 

"I used the coat hanger as a scoop and so I could get my grasper around the hedgehog's curled body.

"Within a few minutes, the hedgehog was successfully out of the small drain and was taken straight to our National Wildlife Rescue Centre in Fishcross to be checked over.

"Thankfully he wasn't injured during his ordeal and we're pleased to say he made a full recovery and was released back into the wild a few days later."

Remember that animals can fall into drains and get stuck in drain pipes, and if, like this little hedgehog, they get themselves stuck, so make sure you don't have any exposed drain pipes around your house or business. If you do, and you need some help, give the experts at Drain Doctor a call!



Post Source: Glasgow Live

Photo Source: Freepik