By Eloise Evans on 24/09/2016

The Palace of Westminster is in a bit of a pickle, needing £4billion worth of repairs. Amongst the necessary repairs is to fix their leaking pipes.

Some of the Palaces pipes are around 130 years old and have never been replaced. As these systems would typically have a life expectancy of about 25 to 30 years, it's easy to see that they are in need of some TLC. 

The pipes are not the only issue, however, and members of parliament are finding themselves being evicted for the Palace to have other repairs carried out, including leaking roofs, massive fire risks, asbestos and decaying stonework. 

MPs are moving out from 2022 to 2028, as the expense of these repairs halves when they are out of the equation. To complete the repairs and keep MPs in the Palace would mean a cost of a massive £7.1billion!

Discussions about where parliament is to move to during this time are currently being decided. 

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Post Sources: The TelegraphMetro

Photo Source: Freepik