By Eloise Evans on 23/09/2016

Here at Drain Doctor, we know that one of the worst things that could happen to your home is a flash flood. And for residents of Didcot, Oxfordshire, this happened in the storms the UK experience last week. 

Some residents even woke up at 4am to nearly 2ft of water! Richard Williams, a resident of Didcot, said that the drains played a big part in the flooding. 

Mr Williams said: "Every time we get a bit of rainfall. that area gets filled up with water because the drain is blocked but no one wants to do anything about it, no one is interested."

Thames Water said that their pipes are only designed to carry wastewater, and any floodwater would simply back up the pipe and onto the street as it would have nowhere else to go."

Didcot town councillor Margaret Davies said: "There is a real problem in terms of the drainage infrastructure in the older part of the town and there needs to be some more work done by the district council and Thames Water."

"Thames Water look after these drains and we've asked them to investigate and organise any suitable clearance work."

Some of the residents of Didcot even described their home as barely livable, so it must be an awful situation to find themselves in. We hope that the drains get sorted soon and that these residents can get back to living their lives as normal. 

If you ever have any similar issues with your drains or ever have any flooding or blocked drains, give the experts at Drain Doctor a call, we could unblock your drain with our eyes shut!



Post Source: Oxford Mail

Photo Source: Freepik