By Eloise Evans on 23/09/2016

No-Dig Live returned to Peterborough this week, and as Drain Doctor head office is located in the same city, we thought we would take a trip down there to have a look at any new technology. 

Now, I write the blog posts and am not a plumbing and drainage expert, so I went there for the freebies - I managed two mugs, three pens, a stress ball and even a baseball cap! Fortunately, our expert Sandy Craig did come with us, so luckily I can still share some useful information with you!

We saw the usual suspects there, and spoke to some of our regular suppliers and found out anything new they had to offer, or simply just caught up with them. 

ER Systems was there as usual and we managed to speak to Ian. We have been working with ER Systems for a whole twenty years now and they have always been brilliant in supplying us with equipment and materials. They are also pretty handy at giving us expert advice around their expertise and we greatly value our working relationship! They specialise in lining products for drains and sewers and were there showcasing some of their best technologies. 

Min-Cam Ltd was also in attendance and was talking about their latest Pipeline Inspection Systems. We have been working with them for over ten years now and had a chance to catch up with Greg. They have been providing Drain Doctor with high-quality CCTV systems so that we can ensure the best service for our customers. 

I also met Jay from Ashtead Technology who showed us their new crawler cameras and push rod camera technologies. Drain Doctor has worked with Ashtead Technology for over five years and they supply us with bigger cameras and higher rate service equipment as and when we need them. 

It was great to meet everyone and to see some fascinating equipment and gave me a valuable insight into the day-to-day equipment our technicians use. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at No-Dig Live and am glad I had the opportunity to meet some of our valued suppliers - and I am also grateful that Sandy was there to tell me what was going on!