By Eloise Evans on 12/09/2016

Are you someone that enjoys gardening? Or even someone that just waters the flowers to stop them from wilting? That must cost quite a lot when your water bill comes through! And although the team at Drain Doctor care about your plumbing, pipework and drainage systems, we also care about saving you money!

The water that runs through your taps is treated to make sure it is safe for you to drink, but your garden actually prefers water that is untreated! So, why are you wasting so much of our own water on our plants when they aren’t even getting all of the nutrients that they need from rainwater? Because you don’t have a water butt!

A water butt is a way to catch and store rainwater that runs through your guttering. All you need to do is to attach it to a drain pipe somewhere around your property and you’re good to go. Your water butt will collect the rainwater that flows through your guttering and down your pipe so that it isn’t wasted on the patio.

A water butt will come with a tap, so you can simply fill up a watering can up with your rainwater and save a lot on your water bill! Your plants will also be a lot easier to keep looking lovely as they will be getting everything they want from the rainwater.

In the summer months, outside water use can rise to over 50% of the total water used, so it is really important to keep this down by using rainwater. Your water butt can collect rainwater all year round, so even if rainwater is sparse in the summer months (although, let’s face it, this is the UK), you will still have a healthy supply of rainwater.

You can purchase water butts from any DIY store or garden centre and they are relatively easy to install in your garden. If you need any advice or want to know other methods to save you money on your water bill, why not give the experts at Drain Doctor a call, we can help!