By Eloise Evans on 08/09/2016

Here at Drain Doctor, we think about all things water, and when it comes to water, it has been a very sad week at Chessington World of Adventures!  The theme park’s permanent dark water ride, Bubbleworks, has made its final ride around the factory and closed the doors for good.

The ride has been a part of the Transylvania area since it opened 26 years ago, and was part of the second phase to regenerate the Chessington Zoo into a family theme park. Upon first opening the factory doors, you took a trip through Professor Burp’s fizzy pop factory, seeing the process from juicing to bottling. However, it was remodelled and relaunched in 2006, along with a sponsorship deal with Imperial Leather where the ride followed the soap’s journey through the factory.

When travelling through the factory, you sat in a round boat and followed the water channel transit system’s twists and turns to finally travel through the magnificent fountain room, in which you bob through a tunnel made of water fountains.

The costs of running and treating the water for 26 years must have been quite a lot, but the Bubbleworks has been a guest favourite since it opened in 1990. Regular park visitors have been commenting on Twitter with the hashtag #ByeByeBubbleworks, saying how sad they are about its closure and how it will be sorely missed.

During its time at Chessington World of Adventures, it has made more than 15 million circuits and brought over 32 million people happiness as they journey through the fizzy and bubbly factory. Professor Burp himself said a final goodbye to the factory at 5pm on 6th September and closed the factory doors forever.

Chessington World of Adventures is yet to announce what will replace Bubbleworks, but a spokesperson for the park said: “rest assured it’s something we’re all very excited about and we’re sure you will be too.”

We just hope its replacement will bring as many people enjoyment as Bubbleworks has over the years! At least it might save on Chessington World of Adventures' water bill!

From the team here at Drain Doctor, we say a sad #ByeByeBubbleworks


For more information, visit the Chessington World of Adventures website, of their Facebook page!