By Eloise Evans on 06/09/2016

What’s the worst thing that could get stuck in the drain? Your favourite pair of earrings? Dropping your phone down a street drain? Well, for Fiona Withers, it was her four-year-old Jack Russel, Lilly!

Whilst on a walk with her owner near Easton, Somerset, Lilly began chasing a rabbit and followed it down a drain pipe. She managed to travel six metres into the pipe before getting stuck.

As the pipe became thick with mud, Lilly found herself stuck in the pipe with no way to get free. Her owner, Ms Withers, tried to get her out herself before eventually ringing the fire brigade two hours after Lilly first became trapped.

“I could hear her barking. I tried to get her out, digging around, but I just couldn’t get to her,” Ms Withers commented. “I was relieved when she finally came out. She’d gone into the pipe at about 10:30am and it was just after 6pm when we finally got her out.”

When the fire service first got there, they tried to free Lilly by using chimney rods to move the mud. After these attempts failed, they had to cut the pipe to try and remove her. She was sedated by a vet and then pulled free, with help from Ms Withers, who coaxed Lilly into moving.

The drain pipe now has chicken wire covering both ends, so hopefully no more dogs should be getting stuck. This may seem like a lot of work, but the fire service spends £202,000 per year saving animals!

So, if you’re out walking your dog, be careful of open pipes! If you have any concern about your own drainage systems and the safety of your pets, get in touch with the experts here at Drain Doctor!

Click here for more information on this story and to watch a video of Lilly’s rescue.


Post Source: BBC News