By Eloise Evans on 26/08/2016

The Association of Plumbing & Heating Contractors (APHC) is emphasising the importance of saving water after the heatwave we have been experiencing across the UK. However, they are raising awareness of how water efficiency is extremely important not just during a heatwave, but all year round.

This year, we have seen temperatures skyrocket, with the hottest day of the year only happening two days ago in Gravesend, Kent, where temperatures reached a whopping 33.9°C! In light of this, APHC is emphasising the importance of saving water all year round and the vital role quality plumbing and heating installers play in providing the public with water efficiency advice.

This advice should be given to anyone to explain how necessary saving water is all year round, not only in your pocket but for dry spells and heatwaves like the one we are having right now. Nobody wants another hose pipe ban, and luckily we haven’t had one for a few years now, but if water efficiency is not taken seriously all year round, it could happen again.

John Thompson, chief executive at APHC, said: “In hot weather consumers are often advised to be sparing with their water usage in order to prevent against potential droughts, however, it’s only by adopting water-efficient habits all year round that we will ensure we continue to have access to supplies of fresh, clean water in years to come.

“Quality plumbing installers play an essential part in this and should be regularly providing water efficiency advice to members of the public as part of their customer service package.”

That’s why at Drain Doctor, you can rely on us to help and advise you on water efficiency techniques and installation of water saving devices. We can also fix that leaky tap for you or install a low-flow shower head to stop you using so much water.

So, if you are worrying about your water efficiency habits, get in touch with the experts at Drain Doctor, we can help!


Post Source: HVP

Photo Source: Freepik