By Eloise Evans on 10/08/2016

When you are looking to buy a new home, you normally look at things like room sizes, parking access, if it has a garden or a garage and the nearest schools or conveniences – but do you think to look at the smaller details?

If there are plumbing problems with a property, they can often be costly when it comes to repairs, and that’s something you don’t need when you have just paid a lot of money for a new house. However, there are some things that you can look for to see if there are plumbing faults in a property.

If a house has any of these warning signs, it is not something that should stop you from buying a house, but the price should reflect the cost of the repairs so you can get them fixed after you move in. Or you could ask if the repairs can be carried out before you move in by the previous owners.

Here are a few of the tell-tale signs that there may be some plumbing or draining issues in a property:


Hard Water – Look at and inspect taps for any lime scale present. If there is, you may need a water softener to help reduce the symptoms of hard water.

Water Stains – Check the ceilings and walls for any water stains or mouldy spots that may be present. If there is a water stain, it could suggest there are leaky pipes, and although leaky pipes aren’t usually too expensive to repair, they could lead to bigger problems if left alone and can start adding up.

Water Pressure – Water pressure isn’t usually something that costs a lot of money, but it’s good to know if a property has low water pressure before you buy it. Quite often low water pressure can be easily fixed by replacing the taps or shower heads, but check it out just in case.

Flush all of the toilets to make sure they all flush and refill properly. Another way to check water pressure is to turn the tap and shower that is furthest away from the source on to see what the pressure is like. This could be upstairs, or in a bungalow, the opposite end of the property. If these taps are fine, the rest will usually be fine too.

Leaking Taps – It is also a good idea to check every tap in the house to make sure there are no issues with leaks and are fully working. When you turn them off, make sure they are do not leak when the tap is completely working.


Making sure you carry out a good inspection of the house is an essential part of buying a property as it can cost a lot of money to start having repairs carried out. The last thing you want if to feel cheated after buying your perfect house as it simply causes issues and is simply not a good experience.

If you do experience any problems with the plumbing or drainage of your property, new or old, Drain Doctor are always there to help and are available 24/7/365! If you need us, simply call on 0800 70 71 72.


Photo Source: Freepik