By Eloise Evans on 18/07/2016

Have you ever wondered how you can spruce up your home and garden by using recycled objects of DIY crafts? Well, there are plenty of ways to stretch your creativity’s legs and either make your home look a little nicer or simply have some fun with the kids in spare time.

When you have your bathroom refurbished, you will generally replace the sink, toilet and bathtub. These would normally just go into a skip to be forgotten about forever. However, an old bathtub can be used for fantastic garden features.

Upcycling has become more and more popular over the years, and it is a great way to make something perfect for you whilst being unique in itself. It’s also a way to make more from things that would normally end up in a landfill.

Your old bathtub can be made into a pond, water feature, water garden, or planter. We gave this a go with an old cast iron baby bathtub and made it into a herb garden. All we did was get an old bathtub with the stand, add some compost and some ready to plant mint, basil and chives and voila! We have a unique herb garden that will bring a bit of fun to the garden. Have a look below!

You could add different herbs or flowers to add some colour to make more of a decorative feature for the garden, or do something completely different and make it a water feature. An old bathtub could be buried or partially buried into the ground for a pond, or have it completely free standing and make it into a decorative water feature or water garden. If you need advice on how to set up these, check out our previous posts on creating a water garden or pond.

So remember, when you are redoing your bathroom, don’t throw away the bathtub! It could be made into something completely amazing. If you are thinking of refurbishing your bathroom, why not give Drain Doctor a call, as we are the experts in all things plumbing and drainage!