By Eloise Evans on 18/07/2016

If you have said this about your shower or bath lately, then you are most likely looking for the solution or at least the reason why! This can be due to a number of things, the most common cause usually being quite easy to sort out yourself. If your drains are being affected by something a little trickier, then Drain Doctor will be there to cure them of their ailment.

But for the problems you can sort yourself, they are usually easier to fix then you may imagine. They most common causes for slow emptying bathroom sinks is a build-up of hair, soap scum and microbeads (that are found in some face washes and shower gels). When these build up inside the pipes connected to our showers and baths, they congeal and fill up the pipes. This causes blockages in the pipework and the plug means that your water will take longer to drain and start to smell.

The easy solutions for these are to either pull out the blockages in the plug yourself or with tweezers. If it is a persistent problem, you can use a plunger to bring the blockages to the surface and get rid of them that way. If you don’t fancy getting your hands dirty, you can also simply buy a drain unblocker and leave it overnight to fully get rid of any blockages.

If the problem continues after you have done these steps, you may need to call out a professional to have a look at your drains. These could be caused by something further in the pipework and may need something stronger than some drain unblocker. The experts at Drain Doctor will be able to use a CCTV survey to find the cause of the issue and can even fix the problem there and then for you. So if you are needing some help with your drains, give us a call now!



Photo Source: Freepik