By Eloise Evans on 18/07/2016

It’s inevitable, at some point everyone loses something down a drain. It might be something as small as losing an earring down the bathroom sink, to losing your wedding ring whilst doing the washing up, to losing your mobile phone down a street drain. And we all know that when these things happen, they are quite annoying. But we are going to let you know the best ways to retrieve your lost items.


When you are trying to get something out of your sink, it may require you to dismantle the pipework below the sink. So, if you are wanting to do this, there are some things you have to do first. The very first thing to do is turn off the water. You don’t want any flooding whilst trying to get whatever you have lost back, so this is the most important part. You also need to clear anything from under the piping and make sure you have a bucket, pliers and rubber gloves to hand.

Find the u-bend as that is most likely where your lost item is and remove but nuts holding this part in place using the pliers. Pop your rubber gloves on as this bit can be a bit messy! Once you have removed the u-bend, empty any sludge from inside this part into your bucket. Then it is just a matter of finding what you are looking for.

Once you have retrieved your lost item, place the u-bend part back where it came from and fix it in place by tightening the nuts. Turn the water back on and then run the tap for about 20 seconds to check for any leaks.  

If you experience any problems whilst performing this task, such as not being able to retrieve your lost item, not being able to put the u-ben fitting back on or finding a leak after you have finished, you may want to give Drain Doctor a call to have a look at your sink.

Street Drains:

 If you drop your phone down the drain in the street, this is a little trickier… This drain can’t just be untightened and your lost item retrieved, you will have to contact your local council. As street drains are part of the public sewer system, your local council may charge a fee to come out and retrieve your item, so the best solution for this issue is: don’t drop your phone down a street drain! It will be a lot less hassle and will cost you nothing. 

Some things can be a bit annoying to retrieve, but sometimes it is as simple as tying a magnet to some string and fishing it out… Happy retrieving! 


Photo Source: Freepik