By Eloise Evans on 18/07/2016

Have you ever experienced a block drain and wondered, “what’s caused that?!” Well, there are certain things that should not go into the drains or further below into the sewers. Professionals are called out daily to unblock some form of drain, whether it be a toilet not emptying, or a kitchen sink that takes forever to drain, there are so many things that we put into our pipework that should not be there. In this post we go through some of the major causes of blockages in the home, and how you can easily prevent them.


The Kitchen Sink:

The kitchen sink is probably one of the easiest things to block as when doing the washing up, or sieving out vegetables or just rinsing the frying pan after use, it’s easy to lost food waste and oil down the plughole, and these aren’t things you want in your pipe.

Food Scraps:

It’s easy to do, you’re sieving out some peas and one escaped into the sink, or you have some ketchup left on your plate from dinner and you rinse it before putting it into the dishwasher. But this is not the way to keep your drains clean and unblocked! All food scraps should be put into the bin, they should not be going into your pipes. A handy trick to get excess sauce into the bin is to get a piece of kitchen roll and pick up the excess food and put it in the bin.

Cooking Oil:

At no time should any oil go down drain. It may seem simple when it is liquid and pours straight down easily, but when it cools later on down the pipework and solidifies, it is a real nightmare to get clean. An easy way to stop this from happening is to let the fat cool and solidify in the pan and then put it in the bin. You can use a piece of kitchen roll for this as well, or you can simply scrape it into the bin – whichever you prefer. Just not down the sink!


The Toilet:

The toilet is another pipe that gets blocked very easily, and that is from us thinking that once something is flushed, it’s gone forever to never be seen again. However, some things that get flushed can come back to haunt our nightmares and bring a whole load of trouble with them.

Nappies and Baby Wipes:

The problem with nappies and baby wipes is that they are not biodegradable and they don’t break down in the drains or sewage system. So, if they get stuck in the drain, they will remain stuck until it is removed. Our drainage systems aren’t designed for such bulky waste to be sent through the pipes, so don’t regret it and just wrap them up and put them in the bin.

Sanitary Items:

These also do not break down in our pipes, and should not be flushed away. These may not have caused a blockage yet, but they could in the future so keep your pipes safe and wrap these up and also dispose of them in the bin. This also includes the packaging – nothing of your sanitary items should go into your toilet!

Cosmetic Wipes and Cotton Buds:

It seems like the easy thing to do. You don’t fill up your bin with make-up wipes or cotton buds and they disappear for seems like forever. But these don’t break down like toilet paper does and it makes for some nasty toilet blockages. Simply skip flushing them and pop them in the bin! It’ll save you a lot of trouble in the long run!


Bathroom Sink:

Excess Liquids:

You may think you are helping when rinsing out lotion pots and oil and lotion bottles, but these then travel through your pipework and end up causing blockages. We don’t generally think about these things, but our plumbing isn’t designed for these greasy products to be travelling through the pipes, so make sure these don’t go down your sink!


Shower/Bath Plughole:


This can either be from yourself, or a pet that gets bathed in these. If a build-up of hair occurs, it will result in your shower or bath emptying slowly, or backing up. The easiest solution is to physically remove any excess hair after you have a shower of bath to prevent it from passing through and getting clogged further down – this causes much bigger problems! Or, a nifty gadget would be a drain screen. This helps catch any excess hair so that it is easier to remove after each shower or bath.


If you are having any problems with your drains – if they become blocked or smelly, give Drain Doctor a call! We’ll get your drains back to normal in no time, we are the experts after all!



Photo Source: Freepik