By Drain Doctor on 28/06/2016

Glastonbury Festival installed talking toilets this year!  The charity Water Aid teamed up with comedian Kathy Burke, actor Brian Blessed and singer and DJ Cerys Matthews to raise awareness about the global toilet shortage.  

Three toilets were installed next to the Pyramid stage and loo-goers were entertained by the celebrity trio as they went about their business.  To make the experience even more surreal, the loos had a two-way door, so those inside could see out and those outside could see a mirrored door!  Let’s hope the installers got that bit right!

As Cerys Matthews said, toilets really do transform lives.  In fact these three toilets were just a very small part of the five thousand installed for the festival.  With the festival reporting this year’s event to be the muddiest in history, we are not keen to see the state of any of the five thousand!