By Drain Doctor on 24/06/2016

Here are the things our drainage experts find most commonly blocking drains. They are all easy to avoid, thus saving you money and hassle!


From Lego bricks, to toy cars and Barbie dolls, we have found it all. Obviously being solid items which are usually awkward shapes, toys can quickly form blocks in drains. Toddlers love to flush loos and flushing something down the loo is even more fun! If you are quick, you might be able to remove the blockage with a plunger.

Stolen goods

Drains are quick and easy hiding places! Police often report they have found hidden stashes in drains, apparently everything from the obvious jewellery to the less obvious motorbike! Quite how you get a motorbike into a drain is still rather a mystery to us!


When you have a DIY job underway, cement is often needed. Please don’t put it down your drains! Its job in life is to solidify and become difficult to move. Cement quickly causes expensive havoc in the pipe system.

Cat litter

Cat litter is also a really common reason for a blocked drain. When you clean up after your pet, don’t be tempted to take a shortcut and dump the cat litter into the loo. Like cement is it designed to form a solid mass, so can cause major issues pretty quickly.

And finally, an all-time favourite!

Mobile phones

Mobile phone blockages are becoming more and more common as nearly everyone has one in some form or another. It is really easy to forget your phone is in your pocket and drop it down the loo! It is almost guaranteed to cause pipe problems and is not great for your phone either!