By Drain Doctor on 07/06/2016

A fallout with your neighbours is pretty much inevitable if you are not sure who is responsible for a blocked drain.

Deciding who is responsible is down to a number of things depending on where the blockage is.  First thing you will need to do is establish whether the blockage is on a public sewer or a private drain. So, what’s public and what’s private?

The pipe which exits your house is called a drain.  When this drain from your property joins with a drain from another property, it becomes a sewer.  Sewers can be both public and private, so the responsibility for unblocking them will depend on which it is.  To find out, you may have call your local water company. If the sewer has been adopted by a water company, the cleaning, unblocking and maintenance will be their responsibility.  If not, and it is a private sewer, it will mean that you are responsible for clearing the blockage via a specialist such as a Drain Doctor expert.

If you and your neighbours share the same pipe, it is also a private sewer and the cost of unblocking should be shared between you.  If this becomes an issue with one neighbour not wanting to pay their share, you can contact your local Environment Health Officer (EHO) and they have the power to serve notice on each party, ordering them to have it cleared or they will make arrangements to do so and will bill everyone involved.  This is the most expensive way of reaching an agreement, so it makes sense to try to avoid this.  By using a drainage expert from Drain Doctor you will be given a fixed fee for the job, all work is agreed prior to starting any job and all work is guaranteed. All of which may just help rebalance neighbourly relations.