By Drain Doctor on 18/05/2016

We know that the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles live in the sewer of Manhattan (in New York City) but do they really live in drains? With World Turtle Day coming up next week, we take a look at why and where we can find turtles living in drains.

It has been reported a number of times that pretty big turtles have been pulled out of drains predominately in the Bronx and Manhattan in New York. The world’s largest freshwater turtle, the snapping turtle, was found in drains in Sydney, Australia. They find their way into the drainage system in a number of ways.

It is thought that the Australia turtle hatched from a batch of eggs which had been stolen. Others just make their way through the system. They like drains because of the fish, snakes, ducks and small mammals which also find their way into the drainage system but often the turtles will scavenge dead meat, rotting vegetation and snails. Sounds delicious!

To be fair, it is not something our UK-based Drain Doctor specialists have to deal with regularly - but bringing a little awareness to turtles can only be a good thing!