By Drain Doctor on 10/05/2016

The House of Lords is trying to push through an amendment to the Housing and Planning Bill designed to protect more households from the threats of surface flooding and sewer overload.

Surface flooding and overload has become an increasing problem over the past few years and is set to worsen as more homes are build and connected to Britain’s outdated sewer network. According to figures published in The Guardian newspaper there at least 20,000 sewer overflows each year and this figure will grow as developers begin to fulfil the government’s promise to deliver thousands of new homes over the next few years.

Currently, developers can connect new homes to existing sewer and drainage systems without having to upgrade them, putting existing and new homes at risk of surface flooding. The Lords is discussing an amendment to the Bill which will require builders to use sustainable drainage systems and remove the right to automatically connect to existing drainage infrastructure. The Bill is currently in the ‘ping-pong’ stage as it is passed between the Lords and the Commons, which opposes the amendment.

Whatever the outcome, there will still be a need for a good plumbing and drainage company like Drain Doctor to assist homeowners and landlords with their blocked drains, clearance and maintenance in order to help prevent surface flooding and sewer overflow on their properties.

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