By Drain Doctor on 26/04/2016

Plumbers are reporting that the latest trend of using coconut oil in cooking and beauty regimes is creating a problem.  Customers are reporting blocked pipes - and it seems this is being caused by the oil.

It undoubtedly has unique and important properties as a cooking oil and as an ingredient for homemade soaps and shampoos, but it can wreak havoc as it goes down your drains. Don't forget that coconut oil will become solid in cool temperatures.  

So, here are our top tips!

- If you use coconut oil in your bath or shower, run hot water down your drain after you have finished washing for a good few minutes to help flush the melted oil through your system.

- If you cook with it, leave it in the pan to cool and harden.  You can then use a spatula to scrape out the excess oil and put it in the recycling or rubbish bin.

- You can get a liquid form of the oil and this will not harden in drains.

If you find your healthy habits are causing an issue with your drains, give our specialists a call on 0800 70 71 72 and we can help.