By Drain Doctor on 22/04/2016

Wessex Water is calling on residents in the Watchet area of Somerset to bin their wet wipes and not flush them down the toilet.

Their advice comes after drains were blocked at a school in Washford over the Easter break, causing flooding that affected neighbouring land.

The area was cleaned up by a team from Wessex Water who are called to resolve around 13,000 blockages every year at a cost of £5 million.

By far the biggest offenders are wet wipes, which are often branded as "flushable" but were responsible for more than two thirds of blockages in the Wessex region last year.

People are now being urged to "love your loo" and only flush the three Ps - paper, poo and pee.

Ian Best, waste manager for Wessex Water, said: "We regularly hear from customers who have flushed wipes which have then caused a blockage.

"As a result they have had their garden flooded with sewage and, in worst case scenarios, their homes flooded."

The company has written to supermarkets and wet wipe manufacturers, raising concerns over the way the products are marketed.

"They are marketed as flushable but often we find they simply don't break down and cause blockages," added Mr Best.

Wessex Water is urging residents to tell their neighbours and relatives not to flush wet wipes.

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