By Drain Doctor on 20/04/2016

Two police officers from Kearney in Kansas, United States recently responded to an unusual call about reports of strange noises coming from a storm drain.

“I’d never been in a sewer drain before,” said Officer Jeffrey Garton of the Kearney Police Department. “I don’t know if I’d do it again. It would have to be a good reason.”

The reason for his trip into the drain was for something special.

“I came down here and I could observe a small baby fox that was down in the bottom of the drainage ditch,” said Sgt. Joe Kantola of the Kearney Police Department.

The men said they don’t know how long the fox had been in the drain, but they’re glad they rescued it when they did. The drain is more than 15 feet deep and there was no way the fox would get out without their help.

“He had maybe a day left,” said Garton. “He seemed pretty weak, scared and wet.”

“It could walk but it wasn’t very fast,” Kantola said.

The fox was taken to a Liberty veterinary clinic, where experts will try to prepare it for release back into the wild.