By Drain Doctor on 21/03/2016

If your restaurant or commercial kitchen has a grease trap device, did you know that Drain Doctor is Britain’s premier grease trap expert?

A grease trap is used in commercial kitchens to prevent the oils produced by mass catering overpowering the drainage system. Common waste water will contain small amounts of oils which will then enter into the drainage system or the septic tank.

However, the very large amounts of oil from kitchen and restaurant food production can quickly overwhelm the septic tank or drainage system, particularly if the waste contains high viscosity fats or greases such as lard, which will solidify when cooled and can cause blockages. To prevent this, most restaurants and commercial kitchens will install a trap on their waste system which is designed to intercept greases and solids before they enter the waste water system.

This is a legal requirement, so some research on the type and size of the trap you require makes sense before you buy. If you are in any doubt, your local Drain Doctor specialist can help advise you.

Water UK produce a useful leaflet for restaurants and kitchens. The Environment Agency will help you adhere to the law.

Drain Doctor can supply, install and maintain all types of grease trap, including small batch installations. We can also sort out a maintenance programme for you to ensure your grease trap keeps on working, even during times of high use.