By Drain Doctor on 17/02/2016

We are giving away more than £1,000 in prizes in our competition to find the oldest, the most unusual or the most unusually situated outside loo.

A weekend away in Looe at a hotel consistently rated five-stars with a certificate of excellence on Trip Advisor, with a prize hamper and two tickets to the Eden Centre, or £1,000 in cash are up for grabs to the person who sends us a ‘loofie’ of an outside toilet in the most unusual situation.

What’s a loofie? Well, it’s a sort of ‘selfie’ – but of a loo; a picture of an outside toilet – not one in a house or an office or other building. A privy in a courtyard, perhaps, or a loo that’s in a shed or on a building site or (even better) one that is somewhere that you perhaps wouldn’t expect to find a loo.

You don’t need to be in the photo (or in the loo). It’s just the picture of the loo that we want. Or several pictures.

And what’s a winning loofie? It’s one that amuses, intrigues or entertains our judge. It’s as simple as that. So, if you can, tell us a bit about the loo as well as sending the loofie. Where is it located? Why is it there? Do you know how old it is (you can get extra ‘points’ for a really old outside loo!)? Is it in use?

How do you enter? Just take your loofie and post it on Drain Doctor’s Facebook page or enter via Twitter. Don’t worry if you don’t have a social media account, simply email your loofie to [email protected].

Closing date is Friday 25 March. So go take your loofie now and send it in!

The full rules are here.