By Drain Doctor on 10/12/2015

If one of your radiators is leaving you cold this winter, it may be that it needs bleeding.

This is easy to do and basically means that air is trapped somewhere in the system. Bleeding the system releases the air.

So, firstly make sure you turn your heating system off and the pipes are cold. You can pick up a radiator key at most home or hardware shops.

Take a look at your radiator and you will see the bleed screw on top or at the side of the radiator. It is shaped like a small square and the key will fit into it.

Insert the bleed key and turn it slowly anti-clockwise. Don’t turn to fast or too far as you do not want to remove the screw altogether. Usually two turns is enough and you should hear a hissing noise. This noise is the trapped air escaping.

You might get a few drips from underneath the key so a cloth is useful to catch these. Once the air is released, and you may have a few drips on your cloth, it is time to tighten the screw back up.

If you have a combination boiler, don’t forget to look at the pressure gauge at the front. Your boiler will have an ideal working pressure and if it has fallen below normal, you need to re-pressurise it by following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Once you have bled the radiator and checked your combination system it’s time to turn the heating back on. The radiator you have bled should get warm.

If not, or if you have a problem with more than one radiator not heating, make sure you get some professional advice. It could mean you have some issues with the plumbing pipework.

Image courtesy: Bios (talk · contribs)