By Drain Doctor on 12/04/2016

We’ve all had enough of the rain and wet conditions seen over this winter.  Everything constantly being damp outside gets very tedious but seeing damp, in the form of mould, on the inside of your home is far worse.  It’s unhealthy and unattractive.  It can also become a quite expensive repair job it you don’t deal with it quickly and regularly. 

Don’t ignore damp as it can do serious damage to the structure of your house.  It can be caused by lots of different factors and it makes sense to find out exactly what the cause is before you try to treat it. 

Spring is a good time to start the fight against damp as the weather warms and the extra light gives you more time to undertake household repairs.

Damp can be caused by condensation, which is usually easily rectified by ventilating your house better. If the damp is being caused by water from blocked gutters or missing roof slates it can be sorted out quite quickly and sometimes without needing to call in a handyman. 

It might be that your problem is being caused by lack of insulation to your roof space, again easily remedied, and it may be covered by one of the grants available.

However, leaking pipes can be a bigger issue - particularly if they are embedded under floor boards or within walls.  If you think this is your problem, then it is best to get an expert to check and undertake the job.  It’s a task which needs some experience! 

Our Drain Doctor specialists are expert plumbers and can assist you with repairs and replacements.